School Impacts

Central Valley Parents:

WOW – What a week it has been for all of us! I hope that you are all well and finding new ways to handle the challenges we’ve been thrown into by this pandemic.  This letter covers basic information for next week and for extended school closure. It is a lot of info – digest slowly!

I want to be clear. We are not “canceling” school. We will still continue through alternative learning to provide the education we are committed and obligated to provide.  This doesn’t mean the school year is over. Nor does it mean we won’t go back in the buildings before the end of the school year. If we are no longer in an emergency, and it is safe, we could conceivably return to our buildings. Now that we have taken this step, stay tuned for what this will look like moving forward.  We will continue working through this week to relay information on what the next steps will be.  I know there will be a lot of questions as the district rolls out this information, but we are working through it.

I will attempt to address as much as I can about our plans as a school, staff, etc. I anticipate this note to bring as many questions as it will bring answers.  If your question is urgent, feel free to email, call or text me:


  • We know that school is closed through May 1st. We plan on meeting with the health departments and ESU10 on April 24th to reevaluate and to decide what the plan is for continuing. Each week we learn more and will keep you informed. 
  • The Nebraska Schools Activities Association has suspended all activities through May 1st. These suspensions may be extended if conditions warrant.


  • Students in all grades, PK-12, will be asked to complete standards-based enrichment work every week.  This will look different for every grade level. Teachers were asked to prepare no more than 3 hours of work per day for students to complete at home (variable by age/grade). Each teacher has prepared an explanation of the work that will be in the packets you pick up on Friday or for 7-12 students on e-learning for students with Internet access. We hope that students can complete most of what is included, but we know that family dynamics and health will play a role in what/how much kids can get done.
  • We ask that students first focus on core subject material: Reading/English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Teachers’ plans range from paper/pencil, websites, video links, Google Classroom, Schoology, and so much more.
    • NOTE 1: Teachers are focusing on standards/objectives that they would be completing in class if school were in session.  It is important that students TRY to complete the work.
    • NOTE 2: At first, this may feel overwhelming to some students & may create a feeling of anxiety because the work is being received all at once.  Remind your children that this is a WEEKLY plan and, if it feels like it’s too much cut it into smaller chunks. 


  • Here is a suggested weekday time schedule for you to consider.  Obviously, you will modify this to fit your family needs and grade level:
    • 8:00     Morning routine & breakfast
    • 9:00      Academic work
    • 11:00   Chores, PE & Free time
    • 12:00   Lunch
    • 1:00     Academic work
    • 2:00     Creative Time – Music, Art, board games, Legos, craft, bake, cards
    • 3:00     Chores/home projects
    • 4:00     Free time, family activity, supper, etc.


  • Teachers will be providing feedback on some of the completed work, but not necessarily everything. Student work will not be graded, but we will be tracking what lessons are completed so that we know how much progress students are making. *If you need an explanation on why we can’t assign grades, please call Mr. Beck.


  • Mr. Beck will send out a survey on Monday, April 6th.  The survey is our attempt at finding out how things are going.  Is the workload too much or too little, how is internet working, etc.  Please complete the survey so that staff has time to consider changes in their future plans.  Additional surveys may follow.    Please contact the office if the school does not have your email.


  • Teachers will be available 8:00-4:00 each school day to answer questions from their home.  Each teacher has been asked to provide you with their email and cell phone number.  EMAIL is preferred. Please reserve URGENT matters for cell phone messages.  Mr. Beck’s email/cell phone is at the beginning of this note.
  • Students:  It is okay to ASK QUESTIONS! Ask your parents, teachers, fellow classmates, etc! Most teachers of older students will have a Q/A document in their schoology for you to post questions at any time!


  • Teachers are juggling kids, work and the health of their loved ones as well.  They will do the best they can to continue the educational needs of the students. Your support is appreciated.


  • Reading is the best thing you can do to continue your child’s education. If you haven’t stocked up on books, consider the following resources:
    • Local Public Library-may/may not be open
    • Scholastic at Home website
    • Sora Application
    • Elementary or High school libraries-Email us the name of a book, we will check if we have it & put it with items for the next “pick-up day”.


  • It has been fascinating to watch the teachers come up with plans for students to continue their education while away from school. I think this pandemic will leave a positive, lasting impact on our educational system.


  • Any LUNCH fees already received for 4th quarter will be applied to next year’s lunch bill if school is closed. Reimbursement will only occur for families who graduate their last child.


  • Another resource for educational purposes is NSEA Teacher TV, which can be accessed on the internet at


  • Any students taking online courses through OdysseyWare, should continue those courses as scheduled, ESPECIALLY IF THE STUDENT IS USING IT FOR CREDIT RECOVERY FOR GRADUATION!

I know there are still so many questions, but we are going to have to work together and do what is best for our children.  Remember, your child’s education is not just the responsibility of the school district, it is all of our responsibility.  Also, make sure you first and foremost take care of each other and your families.  There are many needs that will arise from this pandemic, please take care of all needs, not just educational needs.  I hope this letter has helped with some of the questions. We will be trying to keep you informed to help with questions that will arise. 

I am thinking of all of you and hoping for good health.  Please contact me with any questions.


Mr. Todd Beck

High School Principal