New Mobile App Available For Download!

Central Valley Public Schools has unveiled a new mobile app for all you smart phone users! You can download the app from your Apple or Android app stores to stay closely connected to all Central Valley happenings. The app views very similarly with the web page which should make navigation very similar, but here are a few pointers!

Live Feed

By touching LIVE FEED you are gaining access to all information pushed out by Central Valley Staff Members. This is activity that is happening throughout the district from day to day- Central Valley’s own version of social media. You might notice some of this info is duplicated on Facebook and Twitter, that’s because the author of the post has the ability to push to all of these locations all at one time!


The Calendar icon is going to link you to an outside page that is also view-able on your mobile device. This is the events hub for Central Valley. Here you will find every event and activity. This calendar is the same calendar that all staff and administration views daily, so this will be the most accurate of information! For more information on the calendar, look for the news article titled “Central Valley Calendar Moves to rSchool Today”


The Notifications section is simply going to give you a list of past “Push Notifications” that were sent to the mobile app! So if you have a notification pop-up on your phone and you accidentally close it before you read it, this is where you will look!


Settings always make people nervous, but this is fairly straight forward. Use this page to choose whether or not you want to receive notifications through your mobile app (AKA Push Notifications) by switching the “Turn on notifications” button to blue. 

Then under “RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS FROM”, you can choose which notifications you would like to receive. Checking "Central Valley Public Schools" will allow you to receive notifications that pertain to the entire district; High School will get you just those that pertain to High School; and Elementary gets you only those from Elementary.

Then touch the SAVE button. See? Told you it was simple!