School Supply List

Preschool @ Scotia-Mrs. Megan Buettner

2 Sanitizing Wipes, 2 Baby Wipes, 1 box of facial tissue, 1 two strap backpack (big enough to fit a folder and a big library book without bending them), 1 Crayola Crayons 24 pack, 1 Crayon box, 1 two pocket folder (with prongs if possible), 1 water bottle with lid, 1 extra set of season appropriate clothes to keep in bags.

Preschool @ Greeley-Mrs. Skyler Nekoliczak

Backpack (big enough for a folder), 1 box of crayons 12 count, crayon box, paint shirt, extra set of clothes. **Scissors, glue, pencils, markers and colored pencils are provided in the classroom when needed.  Please do not send them with your child!

Kindergarten-Mrs. Holly Perrott & Mrs. JoLeigh Schimenti

1 backpack (easy for your child to zip and large enough for a folder), 1 set of listening headphones (please NO earbuds), 4 regular Elmer’s glue sticks, 2 boxes of Crayola Crayons 24 count, 2 boxes tissues, 1 bottle hand sanitizer, 1 container sanitizing wipes, 1 picture of family.

1st Grade-Mrs. Julia Wood & Ms. Sidney Wood

1-5x8 pencil box (no zippers please), 1 box crayons 24 count, 1 box colored pencils 12 count, 3 solid colored two-pocket folders, 1 package assorted washable markers 12 count, 4 glue sticks, 1 pair of scissors, 2 boxes of tissues, 1 Clorox Wipes..

2nd Grade-Mrs. Whitney Wurst

1 hard plastic pencil box (no zippered pouches), 2 wide ruled 1 subject notebooks, 1 dozen #2 wooden yellow pencils, 2 Expo dry erase markers, 1 large pink eraser, 1 pair scissors, 1 box Crayola Crayons 24 count, 1 box Crayola Markers (Classic Colors, 8 or 10 count), 6 glue sticks, 3 two pocket folders. 2 boxes kleenex  **Please have your child write their name on their supplies prior to bringing them to school**

3rd Grade-Mrs. Colleen Dutcher & Mrs. Dani Ryan

1 book bag, 1 pencil box (5x8 no larger), 2 dozen #2 wooden yellow pencils (no mechanical), 2 EXPO dry erase markers, 2 large erasers (pink), 1 scissor, 1 box Crayola Crayons 24 count, 1 box Crayola Colored Pencils, 2 glue sticks, 1 bottle Elmers white glue, 2-two pocket folders (no fasteners-sturdy), 2 boxes tissues, 1 Clorox Wipes. Optional - 1 box Crayola Markers (classic colors box of 8/washable)

4th Grade–Mrs. Jeni Leth1 Wide-ruled notebook, 1 dozen #2 pencils, 1-2 big pink erasers, pencil box, 3 Highlighters (pink, yellow and green), 2 pens-one red and one blue, 5 pocket folders, pack of loose leaf paper (wide ruled), 1 pair headphones/earbud, 1 box Kleenex.  Optional: computer mouse (USB or bluetooth)

5th Grade-Mrs. Traci Nekoliczak

3 pocket folders, pencils (regular or mechanical), eraser, blue or black pen, red pen (or another color other than blue or black), highlighter, dry erase markers, water bottle, 1-2 boxes tissues.  Optional: colored pencils/markers OR crayons, scissors, glue, lined paper or notebook (1 notebook or pack of paper will do).

6th Grade-Mrs. Michelle Linke 

Notebook paper for assignments, pencils, pens (black or blue ink ONLY), red pen, eraser, 4-6 dry erase markers, 3 highlighters (green, pink, yellow), ear buds or headphones, 3 boxes of tissues.  

  In addition for PE class, a pair of gym shoes for your child to leave at the school, if possible.